Your Business Diagnostic Test

Every company must have Baseline Parameters (BP) to test its efficiency, leadership and profitability potential. The following preliminary questions will determine whether or not your business qualifies and/or could stand to benefit from a professional analysis from our Business Consulting Experts.

The key with this Diagnostic testing is to be completely honest. Be willing to look at your business and/or position in your company from an objective (how can I make this better) perspective, instead of a defensive one. If you are willing to remain open to what possibilities are available to make your business and the job of those around you more efficient, we are confident that you will find unlimited value in the expertise that is being made available to you now. To begin, please answer the following three questions.

Do You Find Yourself Working "On" the Business or "In" the Business?

A company that works "in" the business is more reactive to what events may occur throughout the workday and work week. There is an agenda of things that are scheduled to be done, but this list is often delayed and/or subjected to whatever "emergency" events that may occur throughout the day and thereby divert your attention.

A company that works "on" the business has systems in play to handle over 95% of the most common situations that occur. The employees and/or vendors that work in connection with the company, know what these protocols are and execute them seamlessly with very little direction and/or no direction at all. Therefore the business can measure its profitability at the end of each day by the accomplishment of its goals both short and long term

If you find you are more "in" the business than "on" the business, you may qualify for a complimentary consultation from ProfitGOLD, Inc. To set an appointment and/or ask further questions, click to contact us.


If You Were to Step Away From The Business For 6 Months, Would Your Company Be Profitable? Would It Survive At All?

Most businesses are only operational because the owner of the business keeps both hands on the business and rarely is more than a phone call away. Unfortunately if that is the case in your business, the reality is that you don't have as much of a business as you have a potentially high paying job. Therefore, if you cannot definitively answer this question with documentation that provides step by step direction for those who work with your organization, you certainly qualify for a complimentary consultation with ProfitGOLD, Inc. Please click HERE to contact us and set your appointment.


Do You Have the Type of Leadership Others WANT to Follow?

The key word here is "WANT". You may be a business owner and/or manager, but does your staff simply tell you what you want to hear? One way to determine this is asking yourself the following question: Does your staff bring you problems and challenges without step by step solutions on what they will do to correct the issue? If the answer to this question is YES, then you qualify for a complimentary consultation with ProfitGOLD, Inc. Click HERE to confirm a date and time that works for you.


NOTE: If you find you are working "in" the business, instead of "on" the business, and your answers are "NO" to the preceding two questions. You need to take to action and allow us the opportunity to serve you.

Who is ProfitGOLD?

We are a Business Consulting group founded in 2004 by Jerel Benjamin to systematize and optimize businesses operating between 2M - 100M in annual sales. In addition to On-Site and On-Line Consulting, ProfitGOLD has been invited to speak at all over the world at Leadership Conferences and Business Seminars extensively since 2011.

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What is the ProfitGOLD Difference? 

Instead of simply identifying company challenges (by which most owners and managers are aware of these anyway), ProfitGOLD, Inc. develops step by step written documentation on solutions and personally implements these into the companies they represent. This allows the business owners and managers to concentrate on what they do best, while ProfitGOLD takes on the responsibility of training staff, creating the appropriate documentation and implementing the changes that will make the company more efficient and profitable.

We offer complimentary on-site consultations* for business owners throughout the US, Canada and Mexico who adopt one of our programs customized to fit their needs. Start your journey to optimization today by contacting us HERE.