Our Specialty Divisions

North American Dental Consultants

We specialize in creating the documentation, workflow, communication and Leadership training that increases profitability and productivity on average 40% within a 12-month period. Request a complimentary consultation to see what we can do for your business

Restaurant Consulting

The restaurant industry suffers an average employee turnover rate of 150% in a 12-month period. This results in millions of dollars in lost revenue, momentum, and most importantly, the customer satisfaction that brings customers back to the business. We have optimized the training, documentation and communication platforms that improve efficiency as much as 84% within a 90 day period. See what we can do for your business

Small Business Consultants

95% of all small businesses fail within the first 5 years not due to a lack of skill, determination, or talented expertise. Rather they fail because they are experts in their field, and not experts in operating a business efficiently and profitably. This can change with focused attention on the "must-have" systems that are necessary to create sustainability in your business regardless of size.

Our Mission at ProfitGOLD Business Consulting

We have served over 50 industries around the world as coaches, consultants, Leadership speakers, Implementation and Documentation Specialist for procedures and company wide job positions. Our growing team of professionals have one goal in mind: Serving each client at the highest level possible to provide unlimited value in the shortest amount of time.

Give us the opportunity to do this for you by completing our Complimentary Business Profile Questionnaire. This will help you identify the specific areas of your business that need attention, as well as allow us the opportunity to have an educated consultation with you about how we can provide the most value.

About Our Founder

Jerel Benjamin, the Founder of ProfitGOLD Business Consulting has owned nine corporations since 1993. His experience spans 30 countries and over 50 industries. He has created revenue in excess of $3B for his clients and pioneered the development of hiring systems and internal communication platforms that are used worldwide to improve the efficiency of companies from an Army of One, to International companies with locations  in multiple countries around the world. For media coverage about Mr. Benjamin, click below:

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