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Our On-Site/Online Evaluation System

Our On-Site and Online Review covers a 7-Step System Customized and Exclusive to ProfitGOLD Consulting

A. We obtain the vision and vantage point from the owners of the organization

B. We deploy our exclusive interview process with the key management positions. During this one-to-one process, we create an environment within the organization that allows each member to speak freely without fear of retribution for their evaluation of the organization and the role they play.

C. This information is thereafter strategically matched against the vision of the owners and our 7 Step Evaluation begins to formulate a report on what needs to happen and in what time frame the anticipated results can be expected.


Our Implementation Process

We recognize that many companies "settle" with performance in key positions because the person they've hired is not ideal, but kept on board because they are "average enough" to satisfy the role they were hired for. This single fact reduces profitability as much as 60% on every transaction.

Our implementation process changes this sobering reality. By working closely with the personalities and strengths needed for each key position, we create a DOCUMENTED systematic workflow for the POSITION not the PERSON, that will create more efficiency and profitability to serve the organization and not simply the personality of the person that may or may not be ideally suited to be serving in that role

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in our customized systems and platforms, that we not only offer complimentary consultations, but onsite reviews and reports BEFORE creating Implementation Consulting Agreements to our clients.

And if we do not perform as expected, you have the right to terminate our agreement at any time with no fees and/or penalties. We do our job right, or you don't pay. It's just that simple.

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Select the Service Most Appropriate For Your Company

We offer three key avenues in servicing our clients to achieve greater efficiency, higher profitability and company sustainability.

Select the avenue that best suits your current needs. We will customize your experience as appropriate to ensure the highest level of value in the shortest amount of time required

Request a Complimentary Consultation

To get started on the road to achieving your vision for your company is easy.

Give our professionals an opportunity to speak with you via phone or online video conferencing. We will allow you as much time as you need to articulate your current situation in determining where we can provide the most value. The consultation is free and the value you will learn is yours to keep whether you retain our services or not.

Our Global Reach

Location is not an issue. With technology we can service your company, even with multiple locations, anywhere in the world.

We have served clients in:

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We are confident that we can provide unlimited value regardless of location. To schedule an appointment with us directly, you can access our online calendar here