Entrepreneur Accelerator Program Details

Documentation Inventory Review

We will review all of your existing documentation in regards to SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), Job Descriptions, Products and Services and all other relevant information to ensure that your processes are up to date and in alignment with the most effective and efficient operations available for your industry. These documented updates and changes will take place simultaneously throughout the coaching program and will be delivered upon completion of each phase

Online Interactive Coaching Sessions

This is our Signature value add for our clients. We will meet with you and your team 6x per month (60 minutes), as well as offer 2 unscheduled sessions (30 minutes) to provide training and implementation of the proven strategies that are in alignment with your vision. These meetings will allow the management and staff to both present challenges and receive instruction on the company vision, how they see themselves in it, and the solutions for implementation. These will also serve as accountability meetings for agreed upon objectives by each member of the team

Strategic Growth Planning

Company growth and sustainability must be a well thought out, often debated and ultimately documented process. This intensive step will develop the vision of the Executive staff to be presented and ultimately bought into by all employees in both the direction of the company, and the decision making processes and action steps that will be taken by each individual within the company. Unity in this area will be one of our top priorities when working with your company

The Entrepreneur Accelerator Program Mission

Our purpose with this program is to create an environment internally that will reflect the core values of the organization in a way that will not only appeal to its ideal clients, but also appeal to the employed staff, and those who will be joining as the business grows. Leadership, Documentation and Strategic Planning are the lifeblood of any organization and must be fully updated PRIOR to any substantial growth. Without it, companies become very reactive and reliant upon a "few good people", who have head knowledge of what needs to be done, but no documented procedures to for others to replicate that knowledge. This leaves companies vulnerable should any key members exit the company. This program is designed to prevent that reality by creating the systematic procedures necessary to allow the company to lean upon systems instead of certain people for its consistent performance. Under this program, companies will be able to:

  • Manage their growing client base systematically and with ease
  • Manage their employed staff through clear and concise documentation and accountability (SOP; KPI documents)
  • Set their clear vision and benchmarks for each employee
  • Create an environment for leadership that will keep everyone focused on the same goal
  • Create consistently stronger revenue through sales and leadership training
  • Have full documentation and accountability for all relevant areas of the business related to growth and organizational structure

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