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About Jerel Benjamin - International Speaker

Jerel Benjamin is an accomplished Founder and International Speaker in the Leadership and Strategic Implementation of the tactical action items that bring unlimited success to small and mid-size businesses throughout the world.

As a Founder of nine corporations since 1995, the challenges and lessons learned have earned Mr. Benjamin a wealth of accomplishments and speaking invitations worldwide that focus on:

Leadership and Empowerment

The 5 Steps to Leadership Implementation

The 6 Psychological Keys to Understanding Your Client Regardless of the Industry

How to Excel in Business Regardless of the Economy

Mastering Non-Verbal Communication with Your Clients and Staff

Mastering Time Management

Systematizing and Scaling Business Growth

Scaling Your Business for Success Before it Begins

Developing and Systematizing Internal Tasks and Accountability

Empowering Your Team to Embrace a Championship Mentality

Implementing the 5 Drivers for Success in Business

Mastering the Hiring Process – Making Masterful Hiring Selections Every Time



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