Quick Start Coaching Package Details

60 minutes per week / Phone Consultation

During this call we will obtain your vision, create your strategic plan moving forward, and benchmark calendar specific goals that you will need to achieve by certain dates along the way. You will be very much "hands on" with this process as our coaches will guide you step-by-step on the actions you will need to take in order succeed.

Online Consulting Programs are based upon the level of involvement you want our Professional Teams to have in creating and implementing the changes and optimization you seek in your company and start at $1997.00

Strategic Planning Documentation

During our coaching sessions, we will be creating "real time" documentation that will serve as your blueprint regarding exactly what steps you will need to take, and precisely when to take those steps. This blueprint will also include what you can expect moving forward, and how to tackle your challenges as they arise.


Accountability Coaching

During this process, a lot of the small things that must be completed will be up to you. Our coaches will be very strict with you to ensure that the scheduled objectives to be completed are finished, and finished in their entirety. Once you embrace this aspect of the coaching relationship, your business will immediately grow and benefit long term from its foundational discipline and systematic process.

The Quick Start Coaching Program Mission

Our purpose with this program is to assist start up companies and those who want to expand their small business but still be a part of the process.

The most accurate ratio of client input to services rendered by ProfitGOLD Consulting is 70/30. 70% of the actual work will be the responsibility of the client, with ProfitGOLD handling the following aspects:

  • Weekly Coaching
  • Strategic Planning Documentation and Delivery
  • Accountability Coaching

Plan Duration: Typically this plan takes 90 days from concept to completion. At that point, we are in expectation that the client will be able to:

  • Strategically plan their business growth (with dates)
  • Understand and implement their role in the company growth
  • Achieve Time Management Mastery
  • Understand and Implement the Principles of Marketing
  • Understand and Implement the 5 Levels of Leadership

To get started on this plan, or to ask further questions, please confirm a phone appointment with us by clicking upon the link below. A qualified Business Mastery Coach will contact you at the date and time of your selection.


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