Our Unique Value: Strategic On-Site Leadership Training

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Why We Do It - Our Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

"If you don't learn something great from this training, then you just weren't paying attention!" - S. Levine 

Our Complimentary On-Site Seminars are designed with one purpose in mind: To bring unlimited value to our potential clients. We understand that you already know how to operate your business and create profitability. You may even have regularly scheduled training for your operations and procedures. However, when external strategic leadership training is aligned with an organization that has basic training as part of its culture, the results are proven that such can more than double your efficiency and profitability while creating an environment that inspires those who work for you to increase their productivity by as much as 84% on average.

As a way of introducing ourselves with an outcome of providing unlimited value that will create massive profitability we prepare and deliver these presentations to your office and staff at a time most convenient for you. The result will be increased efficiency, increased communication and sustainability that we guarantee will forever improve and optimize the way you do business.

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How We Do It

At a date and time most convenient for you, we will send our Expert Business Leadership Consultants to your location to deliver Leadership Training on the challenges and subject matters YOU deem most important to deliver to your organization. We are so confident that you will not only be impressed and find unlimited value with what we will pack into our 60 minute training, that we will invite you at that time, to discuss other areas of optimization where we can provide systems and strategic training and documentation to take you from where you are to where you want to be.


What We Cover In Our Leadership Training

All of our training modules are fully customized to the subject matters your company is facing at the current moment. Therefore, during our pre-training conversation with you, we will discuss the subjects most relevant to your unique situation and prepare our presentation accordingly. Below are examples of subjects we've often been asked to discuss during our on-site training. The testimonials speak for themselves regarding the value that was gained from the presentations that we have delivered around the world.

IMPORTANT: Due to high demand, our schedules and available dates fill quickly. Contact us to request your preferred training dates and times by scheduling a 15-minute time to speak below.


Mastering Leadership in Communication

"If you don't get something from this training, then you simply weren't paying attention!" - Steven Levine / Small Business Today - Houston, TX.

Regardless of company size, effective and efficient communication is always an issue. The better your team communicates with each other and your clients, the stronger and more efficient your operations become. Our complimentary On-Site seminars are designed to give your team a 60-minute "injection" of Mastering the Art of Effective Communication. The end result of this training will be an organization of professionals who know not only how to communicate more effectively, but also how to work more efficiently as a result. Definitely a "can't miss" training for everyone in your organization.


Implementing the 5 Levels of Leadership in Business

"I made sure to have my entire Executive team present for this training....We learned a lot in a very short period of time." - Dan Lorenz / Joe Knows Energy - Columbus, OH


Let's face it: Leadership is the single most important factor in your relationships with your clients, vendors and employees. Administered effectively, you can virtually guarantee your long term success and growth moving forward. With our Complimentary On-Site Seminars, you will learn the 5 Pillars of Leadership and how to be the type of leader other people "want" to imitate and follow. The outcome of this training is a fully educated and informed staff of professionals who will know how to interact and provide value effectively with each other, your clients and your vendors. This single training has resulted in increased revenue and productivity throughout every area of the businesses with whom we have provided this education.


The 6 Critical Steps to Every Successful Sale

This was World Class Training... We definitely needed it... Thank you so much!" - R. Mudge - Custom Pull Tabs - Anchorage, AK.

There are 6 Key Components to satisfying the buying needs of every customer. Without knowing what these components are, businesses find themselves relying on the skills of a chosen few sales people in hopes that the others on staff will adopt tactics from the successful when they see them. Alternatively, when your team is educated and optimized to begin focusing on meeting the 6 psychologically critical needs of your clients, you will dramatically increase not only your number of clients, but the quality of the relationship with each one. This training will immediately increase the revenue of your organization.

In Depth

60 - Minute On-Site Leadership Seminars - Years of Experience Delivered to Your Doorstep

Our On-Site Complimentary Seminars allow us to introduce ourselves to you without any commitment on your part, while allowing you to see and benefit from the unlimited value we provide companies worldwide to determine where we can best serve your organization moving forward


FACT: Companies rarely lose clients because of a poor product. Most companies lose clients because of the poor leadership and service that comes along with it.

Your clients are counting on you to deliver on your promises every day. With every phone call, email, advertisement and communication, your ability to improve their lives with what you offer is being tested, evaluated and judged.

While you may hold unwavering commitment to your success, your staff may believe an entirely different story. A story they will never tell you about or let you see. However, your clients will feel its effects every time you leave the room.

Leadership training is something 95% of Fortune 500 companies incorporate into their routine operations. (source: Fortune Magazine)

They understand that 67% of all consumers are willing to go elsewhere for the same products and services they offer if the Six Basic Needs of communication are not implemented in all aspects of your business. (source: StanfordUniversity.edu)

The worst part is: Most employees have no idea even what those Basic Needs are. Therefore, they can only guess at what it takes to satisfy them, and often your clients suffer as a result of this not being done properly

We bring the expertise of this training along with the 5 Critical Levels of Leadership to your location during our Complimentary On-Site Leadership Seminar

Our seminars are roughly one hour in duration and allow for you and your staff to ask questions relevant to your business and your situation to ensure unlimited value is achieved for all in attendance.

Upon your approval of the proposed date, we will contact you prior to the event to ensure that we are speaking about the specific areas and needs you want to have addressed during the seminar.

It will be our pleasure to serve you in this capacity.

Best regards;

Jerel Benjamin President/CEO – ProfitGOLD Consulting, Inc.