The ProfitGOLD Consulting Difference

We Accept Responsibility to Implement What We Recommend

We don't simply tell our clients what is wrong with their business and provide them with "canned responses" on how to go about correcting the issue. We are a 'HANDS ON' company of professionals that take on the responsibility of not just identifying issues, but implementing the resolutions. We base our reputation on the results we bring.

We Provide Documentation For All of Our Implemented Systems

We don't simply bring temporary relief once we begin the implementation process for our clients. Each strategy implemented by ProfitGOLD is fully documented and provided to our clients to ensure that they have a step by step protocol for every strategic objective. In this way, the company will not lose the value of our consulting due to company staff turnover, or even an eventual sale of the company to another organization. This fact alone has resulted in a 3x multiplier in the value of the sale of a business.

We Guarantee Our Results

If we don't produce the outcomes we project, you don't pay. It's just that simple. All of our contract agreements include a provision that allows our clients to terminate their agreement if we do not meet the agreed upon expectations in the time frames determined for the results being sought. We are committed to standing 100% behind what we recommend.

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Select the Service For Your Company: On-Site Consulting

After your complimentary consultation, an expert consultant team will be assigned to you that is best suited for the specific challenges your company is facing and how to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible

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Select the Service For Your Company: Online Consulting/Coaching

During your consultation, it may be determined that onsite implementation is not necessary. In these cases, online consultation and coaching has often proved very effective in achieving the same results.

There are several options for online consulting based upon your needs. Review those options here

Merger/Acquisition - Sale of Company Preparation

This is one of our Signature Value Propositions in the business industry. To engage in Mergers/Acquisitions or the eventual sale of a company, your processes and documentation must be in order to achieve the highest value on your organization.

Review our strategic methods and how we get "hand on" in providing your company the strategic documentation, implementation and training it needs to quickly raise its value