About Our Founder / CEO

ProfitGOLD Consulting was founded by Jerel Benjamin, a serial entrepreneur who opened his first of nine businesses in 1993. He was inspired to create ProfitGOLD Consulting through experiencing the harsh undeniable reality that most business owners are excellent at what they do, but not necessarily experts at the Marketing, Sales Process, Leadership, and System Automation it takes to create profitable efficiency in all areas of the business. Combining this with the additional challenge of attracting, training and retaining talented staff while increasing sales and sustainability, growth quickly became more of a hoped for reality than a mathematical certainty . This is the most common cause that results in the closure of 95% of American companies within the first 5 years.

Although Mr. Benjamin outlasted the 5 year checkpoint, he knew from experience that companies could potentially double their profitability if customized systems could be developed to help them focus more on their clients, innovation and the value they bring to their profession.

"Business owners are brilliant minds who simply need a resource for the documented automation of internal operations that would be easy for anyone to understand and implement." - Jerel Benjamin

Mr. Benjamin knew that without access to this critical aspect of operating a business, owners, executives and managers would continue losing profits under the constant worry and concern that if one person quits, or if a payment doesn't arrive on time, the entire company will suffer a loss that it may not recover from.

It was from this place of personal pain and experience, that Jerel Benjamin founded ProfitGOLD Consulting.

"I spent many years doing things wrong. Doing the things I thought at the time would bring me the best return, only to pay the price for making the wrong decisions. After hitting that glass ceiling more times than I care to remember, I sought out professional consulting to help me create that breakthrough that had eluded me for so many years."

"Time for dollars is not a business. That is simply a job with a payment structure solely dependent upon how much work you as an owner are willing to put in. If you don't think so, take a leave of absence for six months with no communication, and ask yourself if you will have a business when you return. In most cases, the answer is a resounding 'No' ".

ProfitGOLD was founded in 2004 to help other companies circumvent the same realities Mr. Benjamin experienced running multiple companies and having results only as strong as the amount of time and energy he was expending on each one.

ProfitGOLD Consulting alleviates the concern most business owners have of wondering whether or not they are simply "throwing" their money away on consulting by taking on the responsibility of "hands on" implemention into the business the strategies we teach. This has also served to change the perception and raise the value of what consultants are supposed do in the marketplace for their clients. Thus we began 14 years ago, and since 2011, we have generated far more than $3 Billion dollars of profitable revenue for our clients.

We now have represented over 50 different industries worldwide. We can take a small staff of 5 to as many as 30,000 employees. We've turned start up companies into multi-million dollar organizations, and in our most prestigious case, we took a law firm from a start-up company to a $3.1 Billion dollar empire in 19 months.

"These victories gave us the confidence and verifiable proof that we certainly have what it takes to make companies successful. Company owners know how to do their job. They often only need someone to champion the implementation of the strategic changes that need to be made in order to grow. That is what ProfitGOLD Consulting is all about. We personally implement the changes that make companies profitable. We stand behind our guaranteed results and timelines by which to bring those results to fruition."

We look forward to serving you.