Retaining Productive Employees

“People Don’t Quit Companies, People Quit People”

Why do employees quit? While the reasons may vary as much as the people who have done it, the key to retaining talent is creating the type of environment whereby others want to stay with you. Not be first to the door for the next seemingly shiny opportunity.

When we enter the facilities of many of our clients, we find that in several cases, both the entry and stress level positions are a revolving door. If new staff member makes it past 90 days, it’s almost a miracle. However, the reality of business relationships is simple and cannot be changed: People don’t quit companies. People quit people. Here are three things you can do to create the environment where those who join you, want to stay with you.

Set a Vision that Includes Everyone:

Who sets off towards a destination without first mapping out the most effective route to getting there? Your company and/or department is no different. For those who work under your command, it is critical that you create a vision that involves them and their contribution to the success of the vision. After all, you hired them, or took them under your position to add a positive momentum to the company. Give them the opportunity to shine by being clear about where the company is headed, what their role is, and what such means for them when the goals and checkpoints are reached. The right employees will reward you with amazing dedication once they truly believe you have their best interest in mind as well as your own.

Make listening a first priority. Speaking a distance second:

Those new to Leadership positions and roles often buy into the theory that they must have all of the answers and strongly command their control over everyone who works for them. This could not be further from the truth. Leadership is actually a servant disposition. You are there to create the environment for others to succeed. In so doing, you must be an expert at listening, even if you initially do not agree with what you are hearing. Create the environment where those who approach you can feel free to express their viewpoints. However, as a leader there is one other caveat you must create in this environment: Require that those who express their view, bring solutions along with those viewpoints. Solutions that they personally will do to ensure the success of the subject being discussed. You will quickly create a Solutions Culture where the right associates and employees will thrive under your leadership

Define the “Why” constantly:

It has often been quoted that “Why” is 80% of everything. Only 20% is actually “How”. To keep the momentum and lower the attrition rate in your company and/or department, back up your commands with why such instructions are important to the vision you’ve put out in front of your team. Once they understand the “why”, the “how” becomes very simple, and the right type of associates and/or employees will again, be quite motivated to see it through to fruition.

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