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We know you are an expert in your field. However, you also know that creating a systematic, efficient, communication streamlined business requires an entirely different set of tools, time and energy you need to invest focusing on your skills for the industry you serve. With over 25 years of domestic and international business experience, we make our focus 100% about bringing that optimization to YOU. We stand on that commitment from the initial phone call to the completion of every piece of documentation and training we deliver.

We Don't Simply Advise, We Implement

We recognize that many consulting and advisory firms simply recommend the corrective action that needs to be taken to counteract the challenges your company is facing, and leave the implementation of those recommendations to you. At ProfitGOLD Consulting, we are so committed to your results, that we not only advise our clients, but we also accept the responsibility of implementing the strategies we bring to your Executive Team, Management Staff, Marketing, Sales Teams and Clients.

Full Documentation for Every Client

As a standard feature of our coaching and consulting agreements, we will create and supply full documentation for all procedures, processes and strategic planning that we've recommended and implemented throughout our relationship with you. This valuable documented resource is provided in both written and digital format for every company we assist. This ensures that the value we provide permanently remains after the consultation period has ended.

Our Mission With Every Client

We understand that virtually all business owners are EXPERTS at what they do. Their skills and ability to perform in their profession successfully is hardly ever an issue. That is why such is NOT the mission of ProfitGOLD. We focus on the aspects of operating the business. The communication between employees, clients, vendors and prospective clients. The processing of documentation and job duties from entry level positions to Executive Chairs. The non-communicative aspects of business that makes them profitable and sustainable long term, require an entirely different set of tools, time and energy. We provide that for our clients. So our clients can focus on what they do best. Adding unlimited value to the industries they serve.

In so doing, we alleviate the weight of leadership building, team training, and creating a winning culture within the structure of your organization to ensure the same messaging and quality is being provided to each client and every employee position within your company.

It is for these reasons that we commit ourselves to being as transparent and efficient as possible in both identifying and resolving the challenges that hold companies back from being the powerhouses they aspire to become.

Our initial consultations are complimentary so that you may feel absolutely no obligation when speaking with our professional consultants. We have no issue "putting it all on the line", because we know you already did when you started your business.

We look forward to serving you....

Jerel Benjamin

CEO/Founder of ProfitGOLD Consulting

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