On-Site Consultation Services

Our Onsite Business Review

"Seek first to understand. Then seek to be understood" - Steven Covey. This is our first approach to every onsite consultation review. We understand that you must be doing a lot of things "right" and we make sure that we gather exactly what those things are through onsite interviews with the Executives, Management and whomever is selected by the Executives as top performers within the company

Our Strategic Plan of Action

Once we have immersed ourselves in the vision of the company from the perspective of the Executives to the entry level employees, we begin the creation of our Strategic Plan. This is a written disclosure of all areas of the business that have been identified in need of attention and optimization. This confidential document is presented in a meeting format exclusive for the owner and/or executive staff. This document includes all relevant challenges, solutions, plans of action and timelines for execution

Our Implementation Process

Once the Strategic Plan is agreed upon we begin its execution. Through consulting onsite, we personally infuse Leadership techniques into each department and personnel as required to optimize their operations according to the shared vision. The Strategic plan is re-visited weekly to ensure the details and benchmarks included are being reached and the results recorded for SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) creation and/or revision. Full documentation is a standard process for each position within the company.

Our Onsite Consultation Mission

Our outcome with onsite consultation is to review and permanently rectify the challenges that are holding our clients back from reaching their full profitability potential as quickly as possible. This includes creating strategic visions and objectives moving forward to ensure long term growth and profitability

Our initial report will have solutions that can be implemented in:

  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 12 Months
  • 18 Months

Each time period will have the observations, challenges and solutions that can be executed within that time frame. This format allows the company owners and Executive staff to know exactly what to expect before the process begins in order to make an informed unified decision about how to proceed.

We place our reputation on our effectiveness. Onsite consultations allow us to gather the skills, understanding, and vision viewpoints from all employed staff members. This allows us to create and implement solutions that will have the support of the entire organization. The leadership strategies we deploy onsite are designed to create unity at all levels in both the vision and the direction the company wants to go. Once achieved, we will complete the documentation and training modules in all affected areas to ensure that the company will forever have the written strategies to continue to grow and expand long after the onsite consulting has ended.

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